Brake Repair Cost

We provide brake rotors and pads at cost (No Mark-up)!
This is why our brake repair cost is less than any other shop.

Most over the phone brake estimates you get from other auto repair shops, only include  replacing the brake pads (usually cheap pads too), some may also include resurfacing the rotors. So you like the price and bring your car in. Then they call you to tell you they can’t save your rotors, or calipers, and you need new ones that cost $100.00 each (or more), and they add  $200.00 to the price they gave you (sound familiar)?

All automotive repair shops charge you more for parts then they cost, some charge as much as 120% over cost. There is no incentive for us to sell you rotors, or brake calipers, because we don’t mark up the parts (aka. we would not profit from this, like other shops).

This Is What You Can Expect To Pay For A Complete Brake Job With New Rotors And High End Brake Pads At One Of Our Local Brake Shops

Total Parts & Labor + Tax are $180.00 to $260.00. This price includes everything you expect in a quality brake service including “new premium rotors” and “high end ceramic brake pads”. This price is for most cars, the higher price range is for 2011-2014 model year vehicles (because late model brake parts cost a little more).
A far cry from what most shops and dealerships charge

We basically charge $100 bucks per axle, plus the cost of any parts you need. This does not include trucks.

Why Our Brake Jobs Usually Save You Money!

Other shops make money by marking up the cost of parts, this means that if a brake rotor cost them $44.00, they charge you 80.00. If a caliper cost $65.00 they charge you $140.00. The amount of mark up does vary between shops. By law most shops have to post their labor rate, but there is no law saying they have to post the mark up percentage.

Suppose your quoted $120.00 for a front brake job, you bring the car in and they tell you they need to replace 2 rotors and a caliper too (these parts are not included in a brake job quote unless you ask).  So 2 rotors cost $160.00 + 140.00 for the caliper (most shops will tell you to replace both if one is bad), so your $120.00 brake job now cost $500.00. The labor cost also went up to install the new caliper and rotors, and to bleed the brakes which is required when you replace a caliper. If you went for the extra caliper up-sell, the job would cost over $640.

At the Local Brake Guy Rotors are always included in the quote, so the scenario above would only cost you $300.00, saving you $200.00. Plus you would most likely get better parts for your money with us. Also we might be able to free up the caliper slides or what-ever reason they were trying to sell you a new caliper and save you even more!

Why We Include Rotors In Our Brake Estimates

Rotors today are made with cheap steel that warps real easy, and these rotors come thinner than they use to. So they almost always need service.

Some shops will resurface /turn  your rotors “saving them” for you. But they charge you for the lathe work, and for removing and replacing them, these services cost almost as much as a new rotors if you didn’t have to pay the mark up. Plus, resurfaced rotors warp easier than new rotors. New rotors will adapt better to new pads, causing less chance of squeaking brakes, and the whole job will last longer.