Welcome – Local Brake Guy (978) 697-6129

We know many people are overpaying for brake jobs. Doing a brake job is so simple, that just about anyone could do the work with the right tools. Our motto is simple “Parts at cost and a low labor rate”.

I had turned this program over to another repair shop in Tewksbury, but it didn’t work out with him. He didn’t stick to the parts at cost and low labor rate. Plus because he did so many other types of jobs, people were waiting for their cars too long.

I Mike, have turned this program over to a personal friend of mine I know you can trust for good service, at a fair price. His name is Brett, and he will be the guy answer your calls, or returning them as the case may be.

Anyway, your will need brakes eventually, and when you do, call Brett.

Currently working out of his residence in Tewksbury MA. You will get the address when you book an appointment.