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We know many people are overpaying for brake jobs. Doing a brake job is so simple, that just about anyone could do it if they wanted to. Our motto is simple “Parts at cost and a low labor rate”.

The local brake guy, knew he could do brake jobs for hundreds less than people were paying, do the job better, and still make a reasonable profit.

By giving customers auto parts they “need” at cost, they can afford new rotors, instead of just resurfacing them like everyone else. This is just one reason our brake jobs are better than anyone else. It all boils down to better parts for less money.

Most garages / repair centers, and automobile dealers mark up the parts they install on your car, sometimes by over 100%. So if you need $200.00 worth of parts, they charge you $400.00 + labor.

This is why brake job quotes start out reasonable, and then get pricey real quick. The quotes they provide you in my opinion are misleading, because they don’t include parts in their quotes that are needed on 70% of all vehicles.

At the Local Brake Guy, we have no incentive to sell you parts, because we don’t make any money on them. We have a low labor rate, that usually works out to $100.00 per axle.

We don’t care if you bring your own auto parts for us to install! But, if we get your car apart and your parts don’t fit, you will be charged for our time to put it back together. Or if your pads squeak, we are gonna tell you we did not provide the parts.

Some replacement pads don’t fit well, and some metallic pads squeak because there is to much steel fiber in them.

You would be a fool not to take advantage of our volume discount anyway. We are selling you the brake parts at our cost. We negotiate with our suppliers for the best price. You can ask to see our invoice anytime you want, to prove we are giving you parts at cost.

We specialize in brake work, and because of this, we know brakes better than any other mechanic. We road test every vehicle before and after every job. We care about your car, and go to great lengths to keep it as clean as when you dropped it off. When you are stuck for a ride, we usually have someone available to help.

We don’t have a waiting room, with hot coffee, wifi and a television. We don’t have a great main street address. What we have is the best little brake shop in all of Massachusetts. Once you experience Local Brake Guy service, you will tell your friends. Compare your brake repair story with any friend, and you will always be bragging about getting the better deal.